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Frequently Asked Questions

We Want to Answer Your Questions

At Chiropractic Group of Overland Park we’re frequently asked questions concerning chiropractic care. Call us today to get answers to your questions and learn about natural health care solutions.
Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes. We’ll check your benefits and explain on your second visit what insurance will cover and what will be out-of-pocket (if at all).

What Type of Payment Plans Do You Have?

We have all kinds of payment plans. We stretch it out with no interest and also have cash plans so that care is affordable.

Will the Treatment Hurt?

No. You may be a little bit sore because the body is doing something it has never done before. It’s a lot like working out for the first time!

How Long Will It Take Till I Start Feeling Better?

Feeling better can start right away or after few visits and depends on your health situation.

How Long Will a Typical Visit Take?

Usually visits with us last around 20-40 minutes, though your first visit may take a bit longer.

Do You Take X-rays in Office?

Yes, we have X-rays available in house and recommend it for most of our patients. Our doctors conduct the X-rays themselves.


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