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Overland Park Chiropractor | Dr. Adam Tran

Dr. Adam Tran

Dr. Adam Tran

“Hobbies, activities, and work can seem impossible when you’re in pain, decreasing your quality of life and those around you. But don’t worry, I won’t let that happen to you.”

After Experiencing True Healing, I Knew Chiropractic Was For Me

In high school I had a low back injury from hockey. I had heard about chiropractic but had a very faint idea of what it really was… I received treatment from my chiropractor and immediately felt better. He was a young gentleman and I found it very easy to talk to him.

“I was going to nursing school at that time and realized that chiropractic care was much more than helping low back pain. It offered a completely different aspect to healthcare. So after my undergrad, I had no doubt in my mind that this was the profession I wanted to pursue… so I could help people heal naturally.”

Chiropractic College Helped Me Help You

Dr. Tran attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and now enjoys helping those in Overland Park live better, healthier lives. Everyone responds to care differently, but the vast majority of Dr. Tran’s patients achieve phenomenal results.

“I strive to exceed your needs, and I truly believe I can help you on any level. I’ve seen hundreds of conditions in my experience and while many may have the same diagnosis, everyone has a customized treatment due to their unique genetics, lifestyle factors, and past health history.”

Participate in Your Health for the Best Life

“My goal is to make you healthier. People who are more conscious about their health and care about themselves always heal faster. It’s gratifying when a patient heals and then comes back with a spouse or a family member. Referrals are the biggest compliment I can receive.”

Life Outside of Work?

Dr. Tran enjoys working out and weight training and is a member of the KCA and the Asian Chamber of Commerce.

“I also go hunting and spend a lot of time outdoors and driving cars. Any other time I have, I spend it with my family and friends.”

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